on tablet.

Available in English, German, Dutch or French.
Art of Modelling will finally be available in an interactive, digital edition. Available for iPad.


  • My favourite modellling magazine at last available on a tablet! Can’t wait to view this first issue!
    — Wim Thoen - Belgium
  • This is never seen before, i tell you. This will be a thrill in the world of digital magazine apps.
    — Nico Blomme - Belgium
  • Never saw an issue of Art of Modelling before, but read a lot of positive thing about this mag. Will buy this first issue for sure!
    — Albert Calgeri - United States
  • Art of Modelling is one of my favourite modelling magazines. It will be easier working with a tablet. Count me in guys.
    — Sven Ulrich – Germany

Awesome Features

Why is Art of Modelling on tablet any different from other magazines?

Full size pictures

As pictures say more then a 1000 words, good photography and full screen pictures are the key words in our tablet magazine. Zoom in on details and discover the secret of the work of the world’s best modellers.

360° photography

Models photographed in our 360° studio allow the reader easy navigation around a model to study all details and outlining.


Instead of uploading PDF’s as most magazines do, we choose radically for a new animated layout. Therefore we see our tablet magazine as a completely different edition then the printed issue although the subjects stay the same.

Easy navigation

As we are easy going people ourselves, we prefer an easy navigation through the pages and step by step pictures.

Exclusive Models

World’s finest modellers present their work in Art of Modelling. Models that are built exclusively for us and are not published in other modelling magazines.

Different languages

You prefer reading Art of Modelling in your own native language? Art of modelling is available in an English, German, Dutch and French edition. Take your pick!

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What better than screenshots to showcase our app?


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The perfect way to start knowing Art of Modelling in an affordable way.

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6-issue subscription24,99 EUR

Already convinced? Then this is the easiest way to enjoy Art of Modelling on a long-term basis.

  • 4,16 euro per issue
  • Subscription for 6 issues
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